Welcome to the Tome Candles blog - Footnotes

Welcome to the Tome Candles blog - Footnotes

Hello this is Kimberly and Kayla and we would like to welcome you to Footnotes!

Footnotes,  will be a culmination of behind the scenes of Tōme, exclusive deals, thoughts on self-care and literacy. Were so excited to introduce you to Tōme Candles. About two and a half years ago I mentioned to my sister Kim that I wanted to start making candles. Just something we could do on the side, then being that our parents were entrepreneurs and we ourselves have wanted to start something we decided to pursue candle making as more than a side gig.

If you're wondering how we got to the candle theme being books you can thank Kim for that. We knew we wanted the candles to have a meaning, more than just a nice scent and a pretty vessel. Since we both love to read the idea should've been a no brainer but that's ok we got there in the end.

Candles inspired by the books, genres, and characters we love. With all our other failed business ideas we've had, this one has been the most rewarding and yet hardest thing we've worked for. Were so excited to see where Tōme Candles goes from here.

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