Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Here's our journey to launching Tōme Candles! 

We've always been avid readers and enjoyed a fresh smelling home. In 2020, with nowhere to go we dove head first into the books in our home and candles to brighten up the space. 

We started exploring new genres during this time and making our place feel cozy - and the idea was born: what if we combined candle scents with places from the books we were reading about? In 2021, we started our journey of launching Tōme: candles inspired by books and book genres! 

We first went to a candle making class to make sure we enjoyed creating candles - and we did! It was relaxing and fun.


From there we started researching how to make candles, sustainable waxes and ingredients, wicks, fragrances and the candle industry overall. Our goal has always been to bring a candle brand into the world that is mission-based and positively helps others in their everyday lives. 

We brainstormed the 4 book genres that we wanted to launch with and landed on: romance, inspiration/nonfiction, fantasy and our favorite reading place: the library. 

From there we started working with a perfumer & eventually landed on our 4 signature scents. Next steps were to start testing the candle burn time, wax and fragrances. We spent a lot of time in our kitchen melting wax and pouring test candles. 

Once we landed on the perfect combination for scents and wax - we ordered supplies in bulk from our suppliers and had them shipped to our house. Here's our fragrance oils below! 

Our next steps were to build our website, social media handles, order packaging, labels and stickers.

Thankfully leading up to our launch - were able to participate in a Christmas Vendor Market! 

We're very excited to present to you - Tōme.

We made these with love & hope you enjoy!

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